Online Trading

28, Tuesday May 2019

What are Mutual Funds and Their Types?

Mutual funds don’t have any such particular meaning but these are exceptionally important funds nowadays. These are collective investments for the public and governed by them. Mostly, mutual funds are available for the general public. They have many benefits. By way of instance, these funds are that increase the diversification, simple to compare and exceptionally […]

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Demat Account
05, Friday April 2019

What are Demat & Zero Brokerage Accounts and How Might They Help You?

Many people who have made investments in the stock have familiar with the word ‘Demat Account’. Demat Account holds shares in a way which is electronic. The term ’demat’ stands for dematerialize account and holds the stocks electronically instead of the physical form. If you are an investor and have to buy or sell the […]

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Forex Trading
04, Thursday April 2019

Important Guidelines on Online Trading in India

Online trading has become the latest trend of trading in India. According to the market reports and analysis, it is going to rock in the upcoming years as well. Nowadays, it is quite simple to open a trading account both online and offline. A varied age group of people is showing their interest to invest […]

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