Forex MAM Account

Forex MAM account stands for Multi-Account Manager. These accounts enable fund managers to manage and control multiple accounts from a single account that too without creating an investment fund. Moreover, the profit and losses of a MAM account are distributed among the managed accounts. Also, client’s accounts are connected to the account manager’s primary account, and all trades made by the manager are displayed in the clients’ accounts. These accounts are specially designed to raise the level of sophistication and potential returns. This is usually done by enabling them to charge higher leverage to particular subaccounts. Furthermore, managing leverage and other risk management issues across sub-accounts offer more flexibility and more choices within uncertain markets. Moreover, it is a double-edged sword it can be both destructive and profit generative. MT4 mam broker are good for investors who can tolerate high-risk and those who have a high level of market understanding.

Forex MAM Account

Features of MAM

  • MAM manager can easily manage and control trading parameter in real time
  • There is no restriction on numbers of trading accounts and deposit amount
  • There are Full, Mini & Micro Lot accounts for best allocation advantage
  • Client allocations begin at 0.01 (1000 units) lots per trade
  • All normal order types accepted: Market, Stop, Limit.
  • All unique order types accepted: Trailing Stop, Close by and Close all.
  • It can Manage multiple master accounts having different strategies
  • It Provides Expert Advisor (EA) trading of managed accounts from the client side.
  • All Sub Account has an output to screen report.
  • It manages Monthly, Quarterly and Annual client reports through the MetaTrader Manager
  • It Monitors commissions and performance in real time
  • There are various allocation types available including equity, balance, percentage, and lot.

Benefits of MAM Account : There are many benefits that a managed account gives to the trader.

  • A newcomer who lacks knowledge about the market in such cases cooperating with a money manager may be a great choice.
  • Operating with a money manager can help you defeat emotional problem.
  • A full-time account manager who can give all his services to trading for his customers is another real aspect of this method.
  • Representatives with forex mam account are definitely going to attain benefits in coming time.

Managed Accounts are best for many traders: Mostly, they are an excellent alternative for following traders

  • For those traders who do not have enough time to research proposed forex trades.
  • For those traders who cannot do the overhead thing.
  • For those traders who are lacking knowledge of the market.
  • For those traders who lack the determination to place their personal and own trades.

Money Manager Features

  • He can add and remove funds without affecting trading activity
  • Professional reporting analytics illustrated to you and your clients It is a complete Solution for EA managers and manual managers

Why do we need to open Forex MAM Accounts?

Benefits Of MAM AccountThey have many significant benefits of opening mt4 mam accounts. It provides an excellent opportunity to improve and enhance the efficiency of trading by a broker. With its help, we can increase the speed of execution of orders on all sub-accounts. Hence, it results in ensuring maximum profit for each open sub-account. In fact, in few seconds, you will be able to quickly conclude trades on dozens or even hundreds of Forex MAM accounts. To get full use of the deposit manager, you will need reliable and good brokerage company which can help in providing an opportunity to open the Forex MAM account and also ensures favourable trading terms. Forex MAM accounts improve efficiency and are comfortable in use. Moreover, they also provide a huge range of tools for creating detailed reports, which are required by investors during trading. It should be noted that the manager of MAM deposits is fit for work with the money of all sizes and they also don’t restrict the number of accounts. These benefits and capabilities mentioned above make the Forex MAM accounts more popular among traders.


A multi-account Manager (MAM) is specially designed for the money managers that are looking for considerable flexibility if they’re sub-allocating their trades on one enterprise account.  Using this tool, money managers can quickly execute block orders with just one click.  MAM accounts devote money professional’s flexibility once they are trades when comparing trades based on the proportion of total equity.  This versatility will be the one feature that has built MAM accounts very popular for money managers that want to trade to the forex market.