Overview Of Foreign Portfolio Investors In India

Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) is a sort of foreign investment that refers to the investment of financial assets in a foreign country. It is mainly a set of stocks and bonds that is invested overseas and managed by the financial institutions. These are less known as long term investments but are those short term investments that are made with the intention of earning quick money. In this type of investment, profits are made fast in a shorter time period. This type of investment is easier to go for as they do not need any hard and fast rules like direct investments.


Due to the simplicity of investments, any average investor can opt for these. In India, FPI is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board. SEBI has responsibilities toward the protection of the interests of the investors. Foreign Portfolio Investments were presented by the Securities and Exchange Board of India. The Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), Qualified Foreign Investors and subaccounts are a couple of investments in the FPI. The new SEBI guidelines have presented some other groups as well. Banks, Mutual Funds, Portfolio Managers, Asset Management Companies, University Funds, Charitable Trusts, and many others. The investment made under it shouldn’t be more than 10 percent of the capital of the Indian company. FPIs can not invest in the unlisted stocks in line with the norms of the SEBI. There are Qualified Foreign Investors that are an association or an individual who is a resident of a foreign nation. They are in comparison with the Foreign Institutional Investments FIIs but are the Little investors.

The FIIs are bigger investors and always the center of attention in overseas investments. They always win making enormous investments compare to Qualified Foreign Investors. Mutual funds and Insurance Companies come under these creditors. Foreign portfolio investment gives a great chance of participating in the international diversification of portfolio assets. It contributes to higher returns on investments. Those who have foreign investment portfolios have a huge credit base because they can opt for credit in foreign countries. This is a valuable way when credit sources available in the home country are expensive. This quick and effortless credit decides company project decisions. The international currency exchange always fluctuates. Sometimes currency might be weak or sometimes strong. If it is powerful compared to investors get rewards. This way Australian Portfolio Investments are highly helpful for the investors searching for faster and great money. No doubt that these investments are simple to make than FDIs. So Indian traders have great opportunities to go for it. Everything is directed by the Securities and Exchange Board of India which means everything is protected and under the government.

Overview Of Foreign Portfolio Investors In India

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