What is Forex White Labeling?

White labelling merely is the practice of one firm buying another firm’s product and then marketing it in the market with his own brand name. In the forex market, white labelling is merely used for trading software, platforms, and other additional services. It’s becoming very popular because both the product seller and the buyer (also the marketer) get the benefits from it. Manufacturer gain additional income for selling their products and software, without having to enter the marketing business and without worrying about advertising their products. They can directly sell the platforms and software to the traders. The buyer can conserve their time, and the cost spent on developing a new product, and they don’t have to enter the software development business. On the other hand, the marketer can focus on marketing and sell the service or product. Instead, the manufacturer can entirely focus on attracting new clients.

Forex White Label Program Guide

Why should you sign up for the white label program?

  1. They offer Risk-Free Operation via STP – Provide your customers with a great and STP environment with risk free enviornment.
  2. They offer Fast Turnaround – With forex white label program, you can begin as a white label in minimum twelve days in many cases.
  3. They offer Flexibility – White label program offer much more flexibility than the PAM account.
  4. They offer Quality Reports – Full-access to real-time trade and they also offer activity reports.
  5. They offer Auto-Trading Technology – Customers using white label program can take benefit of sophisticated automated technology to drive their auto-trading systems and algorithms.
  6. They offer Free Software Upgrades – No extra fee is charged to update the trading software and server.

Advantages of White Label Program

  1. Immediate Access To Market Quotes

Through the use of white label program, one can immediately get access to the trading market. Moreover, it allows their clients to access the market 24-hours a day with streaming live quotes on all major currency pairs. The multi-product trading feature of White Label Program enables clients to enter or exit any position at current market prices or on delayed market quotes.

  1. Live Reports and Account Statements

The Net Trader of White Label Program also generates live order reports and account statements for easy verification. Reports can be generated for any period entirety, or a specific part of the report can also be generated. Besides these, periodical updates of the account activities can also be bestowed.

  1. Full-Fledged Back Office Support

The forex white label providers offers complete back office support to all its partners. Services covered under this section include monthly reports, pip and dollar commission table, auto-generated order and account reports. White label program also offers training to executives and dealers upon their request.

  1. Sophisticated Trading Software

The sophisticated trading software of white label program is an absolute package contains entire components required for trading. White label program net trader generates live quotes direct from the market. This feature helps clients to view and execute any order be it market, stop, limit or OCO orders. Also, the software also provides efficient and simple-to-use market tools. Using this tools clients can easily access all the trades from a single window in the software.

  1. Customizable Trading Console

White label program partners can also customise the trading console according to their requirements. Even the name, design and functionality of the software can be changed as per your own specification. Once the product is available, clients can download the software directly from the official website.

  1. 24X7 Expert Assistance

The expert team of best forex white label solutions works round-the-clock to offer expert assistance for anything and at any time. They provide extra help to the privileged clients in case of special assistance or market analysis.

Conclusion: Determining the right trading platform or software is one of the critical first steps to run a successful white label program. The biggest mistake done by many inexperienced companies is that they opt for free platforms that some brokerage firms offer. White labelling program is important to the tool, and it offers benefits both to the buyer and seller. The forex White Label Program guide guarantees a complete range of services for banks and financial institutions that are legally authorized to meet customer requirements generally.  They are dedicated to providing personalised online trading services to meet every corporation’s specifications and specific demands.