How To Make A Profit In Forex Trading

forex trading

Financial ratios are an efficient tool that lets the traders and investors measure the company’s performance and evaluate it with other companies, sectors and financial markets. There are various valuation ratios like price-to-earnings and price-to-book that help in computing undervaluation and overvaluation of stock as per the industry and market averages. Traders generally benefit by making a profit from purchasing undervalued forex trading stocks as well as selling overvalued stocks.


The current share price to the earnings per share for twelve months is known as profit-to-earnings ratio. However, certain financial experts may compute the ratio on the basis of future earnings estimates. Similarly, the market-to-book ratio refers to the ratio of the current price share to the book value of the share. The book value per share signifies the shareholder’s equity, computed by subtracting liabilities from assets. High valuation ratios are another type of ratio which indicate a high level of investor interest; on the other hand, low valuation ratios usually signify a low level of investor interest.

High Price-Earnings Ratio

When the price-earnings ratio is high, it indicates the situation of overvaluation, which means the share price is relatively costly when compared with other companies or the overall market. Industry sectors with high growth, like internet technology, have high price-earnings ratios as the investors think these companies show high-profit growth yearly. On the other hand, if the price-earnings ratio is low, it indicates the market is pessimistic about the company’s growth opportunities. However, stocks which have high price-earnings ratios have high volatility, as even a minor financial fiasco can lower the price dramatically.

forex trading

Low Market-to-Book Ratio

A low market-to-book ratio indicates that the stock is undervalued, or it may be because of the negative perception of traders regarding the company’s growth prospects. A low market-to-book could be due to enormous market pessimism due to negative industry news and company restructuring. During the time of recession, markets have to lower the stock prices of the companies belonging to cyclical industries like retail and transportation.

Investment Strategies

Generally, a trader wishes to purchase a stock when its price is low and sell it when the price is high. But, the timing of the market can be challenging as the stock’s high-price-earnings ratio could climb high, while that of the low-market-to-book stock can decrease further. Various investors fix price targets for stock trading. A long-term trader buys the stock only when it’s trading below the book value, meaning that the market-to-book ratio is less than 1. He can sell if the price-earnings ratio is greater than the market average. Investors can use the resources available for reviewing the financial ratios in detail.

Forex trading implies converting one currency to another with the main objective of making profits. Speaking about how to make money in forex trading, you need to be aware of the basics earn forex earnings which are discussed below:

Price Quotes: Generally, the price of a commodity is based on its utility value. But, when it comes to currencies, you cannot compute the absolute value. The value of one currency is always dependent on the currency with which it is compared. Therefore, in forex trading, the US dollar is generally used as the base currency to determine the value of various other foreign currencies. 

Understanding the concept of Arbitrage: In simple words, arbitrage refers to exploiting the differences in prices in different markets and making profits from it. While this concept is interesting, you have to keep in mind that forex markets utilize unique trading systems. Hence, there is no chance of imperfect price imbalances throughout the markets. Any correction can be made instantly; therefore, arbitrage is fruitful many times.

Selecting the right trading platform and broker: When looking to enter the forex market, selecting a reliable broker and fx trading platform is important. Some significant things you need to consider while choosing a trading platform are: 

  1. User-friendliness and easy accessibility
  2. Minimal commission obligations
  3. Accessibility to multiple currency pairs
  4. Extensive research materials
  5. Quick bank deposits and withdrawals

Although it is not compulsory to engage with a forex broker for trade in the forex market, if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you take the help of a licensed forex broker who has extensive forex trading experience.


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How To Make A Profit In Forex Trading

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