Forex Managed Account Manager

A managed forex account makes it easier for a beginner to trade forex. Managed accounts may be classified as MAM, PAMM, and LAMM. For the sake of this article, PAMM is discussed in detail. MAM and PAMM accounts are the ones that help you trade forex easily.

PAMM Account

A PAMM account, or a Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a managed account that distributes the sizes of trades, the allocation of which is based on the form of a percentage. Investors can also allocate a percentage of their accounts to various managers to practice risk management. The capital of a PAMM account may be calculated as the sum of all the sub-accounts related to that PAMM account.

Advantages of PAMM Account

You can have multiple PAMM accounts. The process is automated, so you don’t need to participate as an investor. For a brokerage firm, too, the process is automated, and it will thus attract new clients to their business. PAMM accounts to ensure high and fast profitability as investors gain returns as and when trading begins. In PAMM, managers cannot look at your account, as they cannot access your funds. That implies the safety of your funds.

Disadvantages of PAMM Account

Choosing the right trader to consider trading via a PAMM account does not guarantee a 100% profitability rate. Many managers charge unreasonable commissions. You may be penalized if you withdraw your funds earlier than the end of the trading period. Managing a PAMM system requires additional management costs, legality issues, and licensing issues for a business.

How Does PAMM Trading Work?

The three main entities involved in the PAMM account setup are the brokerage firm, the investor, and the trader or account manager. The investors sign up with LPOA or Limited Power of Attorney. The expert traders sign with the brokerage firm as money managers. The money managers manage the money of other investors. The essence of the agreement means that investors agree to risk their capital for trading purposes, and the money manager will use their money for that according to their strategy and trading style. The brokerage regulates any fraudulent activities involved. They ensure seamless interaction between the manager and the investor. Other than that, their everyday work, like providing a good platform, facilitating trading effortlessly, etc., also remains.

How to Choose a Forex PAMM Manager

This guide will help you find the best PAMM account manager out there.

  1. Look at their education and qualifications. A person involved in a similar field may be a beneficial asset to its investors.
  2. Past performance is an indicator of the profitability of a manager. If a trader has been profitable for many years and continues to do so, the manager may be the right one.
  3. The amount of money managed is crucial to know. That helps you analyze their risk-taking capacity and other things related to risks and capital.
  4. The number of investors who follow the manager should be high. A lower number indicates a lower performance.
  5. Observe the reviews. Understand what other investors say about the manager you wish to choose. Too many negative reviews mean a big red flag.
  6. Observe outside rating systems, too, from other websites.
  7. Look at what forex assets the manager trades. It is because you, as an investor, do not have a choice of forex assets, as the manager does.

Things To Keep In Mind

Managers can accept new investors as per their own sweet will. They can set a minimum and maximum amount for their investors. The risk is always involved, and PAMM is not a perfect solution to your trading needs, as PAMM, like any other managed account or trading account, is risky. Profitability is not a guarantee when trading with a PAMM account.


PAMM accounts are simple-to-use trading accounts for beginners and expert investors alike. They can enjoy various benefits without investing too much in the market. Of course, there are chances of losing one’s capital, but if everything is done carefully, trading with a PAMM account becomes profitable.