Mutual Fund Portfolios For Different Investor Types

Diversification is the biggest benefit that the mutual funds offer. It is basically a practice of spreading your investment so that the investors can easily invest different securities. This practice is basically designed to reduce the volatility of investor portfolio. Developing a portfolio of mutual fund investment simulator is similar to building a house. Many different varieties of designs, strategies, tools and building materials. Also, each structure some basic characteristics. To build the best mutual fund portfolio you need to go beyond your boundaries and invest in different securities. Make sure that you choose the right combination to build the best mutual fund portfolio. Build a structure that can withstand even the critical market conditions. Build a strong foundation that is built from different mutual funds so that it works well for your requirements. Use a Core and Satellite Portfolio Design.


The first step is to build a basic design or a blueprint so that you can follow in the future. You need to build a core and satellite portfolio design. Basically, satellite and core design are tried and tested plan that thas withstand the critical market situation. Build a common and time-tested portfolio design which is sounds.

Are you looking to invest in mutual funds but confused about buying the right scheme? If you have already invested in mutual funds but not sure about them??? These five portfolios described here will cover almost the entire spectrum of the mutual funds. The first and the foremost step is that you need to know about your risk appetite so that you can decide in which category is best for your portfolio.

Wealth Maximiser: For the young and the restless

In case, if you can take more risk and your investment tenure is more than ten years then you should invest in wealth maximizer mutual funds. Equity funds are called wealth maximizer mutual funds. These types of mutual funds investment securities return huge capital but are more prone to risks.

Stable Wealth: Get the best of both worlds

But there are some investors who are not comfortable with high risk. In that case, an individual should usually invest in stable wealth portfolio. Those seeking comparatively stable but lower returns put only 60-65% in equities shares. This is because they want a stable income and they invest both in equity and bonds so that a balance can be managed both between the risk and the returns.

Wealth Secure: When safety is paramount

There are some people for whom losing money is completely unacceptable in those cases people should invest in conservative wealth secure portfolio. Investors who don’t like to take a risk invest 20-25% of their funds in equity. It is advisable if you don’t like to take risks then don’t invest much in equity shares as it will give you sleepless nights. There is no point in taking a risk when you will have sleepless nights. And it can also ruin your life if you are not comfortable with taking high risks. For some investors, safety is of paramount and for them, wealth secure is an ideal option.

Income Generator: Regular income in the golden years

Income Generator is basically for the retired investors who are looking for a monthly income from their investment. In this kind of investment, individual invests a lump sum investment and then withdraws the monthly sum from it. This type of investment is similar to bank deposit but in this, the investor gets the double amount that a person gets from his saving account.


Mutual funds nowadays offer enormous growth potential. but you need to manage your investment if you don’t want to hire the services of the mutual fund advisor. Managing your own investment is a challenging task. Managing investment requires time and expertise if you need to gain capital and income. Portfolio Management Services is a sophisticated investment vehicle that provides you with the best way to invest your money in mutual funds. It gives you an idea where to invest depending on your risk tolerance and time for which you can invest your money. To maintain a portfolio between your return and risk you need to have complete knowledge about the market. Make sure that you choose the right combination to build the best mutual fund portfolio.