What Are The Benefits And Risks Of Using A True ECN Broker?

true ecn broker

Forex trading is an important part of the online trading industry. Traders across the world are entering the forex market every day. So, if you are one of those who are planning to join the forex industry, there are various things that you need to consider. Firstly, you need to choose a forex trading platform best suited for your trading needs. Since the Forex business is very attractive, you can find many brokers in the market claiming to be the best, making it difficult for you to choose a reliable broker.

When looking for a broker, most traders usually limit their search to aspects like spreads, broker’s reputation, experience and more. However, your first consideration should be to check whether the broker is a market maker or ECN.

Who Are ECN Brokers?

Typically, you will find two kinds of brokers Interactive Brokers Review in the market; they are Market Makers and ECN brokers. What makes the two of them different from each other is the business model they use. An ECN broker connects you directly with liquidity providers and financial instituions. 

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The major difference between ECN brokers and Market Makers is that ECN brokers will always favour you. Since they charge a commission, they will do everything in their power to make you win so that they can earn profits. 

What Are The Benefits of Working With An ECN Broker?

  • Anonymity:

One of the significant advantages of working with an Avatrade Review ECN broker is that they help you maintain anonymity. With the help of an ECN broker, you can also learn about several techniques that can help you in the fast execution of trades.

  • Reliability:

When investing your money in foreign exchange, you must choose a broker you can fully trust. A trustworthy broker will help you make the most out of the investment. Here are the reasons why ECN brokers can be considered more reliable:

  1. ECN brokers use the most advanced technology for quick and smooth trade executions.
  2. They charge commission on the trade volumes, so they really want you to win.
  3. They are transparent in their dealings, making them more reliable than market makers.
  • Direct Access To Liquidity Providers:

ECN brokers provide their clients direct access to the interbank market. Thus, the traders can trade with the liquidity pool of highly regulated financial institutions with their help.

  • Little Interference:

The most crucial benefit of ECN brokers is they are highly reputable and knowledgeable. They are also flexible and execute orders quickly and without any external interference. 

Risks Of Working With ECN Brokers:

The risks of working as an ECN broker are limited in number and mainly affect small retail traders. They are as follows:

true ecn broker

  • Variable Spreads:

ECN brokers offer variable spreads which are affected by current market conditions. Sometimes, the market can fluctuate very rapidly, and this volatility can affect your trading strategy to a great extent.

  • High Transaction Costs:

Since an ECN broker directly connects you with the major financial institutions, there is a price to pay. For example, you need an initial investment for opening an account with an ECN broker. Additionally, the commission charged by ECN brokers can be pretty high, which may not be affordable for small retail traders.


Although using an ECN broker for trading has many benefits, you need to be aware of the risks too. For small retail traders, it can be challenging to work with an ECN broker due to their limited financial capability. Therefore, they are more likely to use market makers. However, for big traders for whom budget is not a problem, an ECN broker is the best option.

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What Are The Benefits And Risks Of Using A True ECN Broker?

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